Our Enhanced Virtual Adviser Service

The enhanced 12 month subscription service includes:

  1. Setup of your account and document storage;
  2. A virtual tour of your operations (or 'COVID Aware' physical visit for more complex workplaces). We do this to understand your business so that we can give better quality advice.
  3. You will be entitled to name us as your competent safety adviser during the 12 month subscription period.
  4. We will then carry out a review of your entire HS&E management system including; high level policies, risk assessments, procedures and safe systems of work, standards (if any), and records of monitoring and review.  We will provide you with a short report identifying any improvement opportunities.
  5. After an appropriate period of time (often toward the end of your 12 month subscription) we will facilitate a Management Review Meeting to assess: Performance and effectiveness of your system, status and lessons learned / improvement actions from incidents or near-misses, a legal and regulatory update from us, communications and consultations, internal audit results and programme, and a review of objectives, targets, leading indicators and planned management programmes. 

  6. A monthly newsletter with updates on any legislative changes or regulator initiatives and a precis of any relevant legal issues.

We will be available for any extra assistance you may need 5 days per week between 8am and 6pm. We will charge for any extra work at our standard hourly rate (we will provide you with a detailed quote before you commit to any extra work).