Protecting employees, contractors, visitors and the public

COSHH -  means Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It is a very wide ranging set of regulations but what it boils down to is little more than common sense; understand what substances your employees and others might be exposed to, understand the form of the substance and the context in which it is used so you know how they may be harmed and armed with this knowledge, implement control measures to eliminate or reduce exposure to acceptable levels.

Ill health as a result of work activities blights lives. The most concerning factor is that it may take years before symptoms become apparent, by which time they may be life-changing. It's really not that hard to figure out the right precautions to take, and then monitor to make sure they're working. Another important aspect is management of stress-causing factors before they do damage.

We can help you develop systems and processes to manage dangerous substances, or we can do COSHH Assessments for you (for complex or novel situations or substances we may refer you to a specialist service). We can also advise on stress management, health records and retention periods and point you to the right guidance for your context.