protecting planet, people and profit

Risk assessment is the primary way to assess the significance of, and control, threats to safety, health, the environment and your business.

RISK ASSESSMENTS - specify how your business will protect the environment, workers, contractors and the public from the results of its activities. It is a strongly rooted legal and moral principle specified or implied in countless statutes, regulations and guidance.

It makes sense for any business to have a handle on issues that can harm its people or the business itself. It's important not to forget assessments for substances that can cause harm (even ordinary products can harm the skin if used all day in a work environment for example). Also the equipment you provide at work, is it suitable, has it been assembled correctly? Are you disposing of waste correctly and is it securely stored? It's good to have an experienced person check these things over with you.

From identifying hazards to applying effective control measures, we can apply our experience of risk management to help you protect people and the environment, stay within the law and grow your business with confidence.